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  1. Reg Johnson says:

    Thank you for posting Jill Stein’s talk in Portland, which I wasn’t able to get to. I found her address very good and informative on the differences between her and Bernie Sanders. Most tellingly, she points out that Sanders has not called for cuts in the military budget, nor has he talked of the huge amounts wasted by the U.S. on wars in recent years. Your criticism of Stein that she should have discussed Israel-Palestine and the BDS movement is valid. In connection with your remarks about Syria, however, I was a bit mystified. You seem to indicate that Russia and Iran, along with the Assad government, are largely to blame for the death and destruction there, and not the U.S. and its so-called allies, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. This is somewhat contrary to what I have read. It is true that the Syrian government has been responsible for much of the destruction, but that destruction has been carried out in the course of military activity to beat back an insurgency that has been fueled by the U.S., NATO countries, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey. Without that outside military aid, the provision of which is illegal under international law, the so-called “rebellion” would have been ended a long time ago, thereby avoiding much of the death and destruction. I’m not calling Assad a good guy. He’s a tyrant, and his regime is guilty of many human rights abuses. But he is the leader of a sovereign state, and we have no business meddling in the affairs of that state. That’s my view. But I am open to seeing and reading alternative sources of information on the Syrian conflict. Could you please mention some websites that offer and buttress the case for your perspective. It seems that in every war situation, it’s very difficult to get objective and solid information about what’s going on. Thank you again for the fine website and posting Dr. Stein’s talk.

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