Pres Likely to OK Keystone

New York Times energy journalist John M. Broder predicts that the president will approve Keystone XL.  He wrote on April 24, “Mr. Obama has not tipped his hand, but signals from the administration indicate that he is inclined to approve the project within months on the ground that it would serve the national interest by providing a steady flow of oil from a friendly neighbor.”  The article’s photo is of Obama backing “expedited” construction of the pipeline in Oklahoma that has already started.  Wonder how the “national interest” will be served with Manhattan half under water?

On the other hand among the 1,000,000 pieces of mail to the State Department opposing its (industry linked) whitewash of the pipeline was one from…the EPA itself.  It sharply criticized the State Department impact statement saying its mark for considering climate change impact was FAIL.

Interesting in the new 40 minute video from “Do the Math” there’s no more “We Got Your Back” talk about Obama.

Instead it shows him speaking a couple of years ago about how he wants to get rid of the “red tape” and support the project.  In a new Rolling Stone article McKibben notes that Van Jones has started calling the Keystone XL project the “Obama Pipeline”.


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