Jobless Because They’ve Been Jobless

April 24.  NYT columnist Paul Krugman has written about a new prejudice and  discrimination,  a bias against people who have been out of work for six months or more.  Employers think there’s something wrong with them, something personal or that their job skills are out of date.  This is a big problem because as Krugman notes the number of people who’ve been out of work over six months is more than triple what it was in 2007.  He mentions a study done by two professors at Northeastern University where they made up 4,800 phony applications and sent them out.  The call-backs went to the people who supposedly already had jobs or were out of work for a short time even if the people out of work for six months or a year had far better skills and experience.

Once again many of the hundreds of “comments” added to the article were outstanding.  There were many sad stories of the long term highly skilled unemployed.  Others had ideas where people could be put to work do useful tasks.

Krugman uses the article to (properly) bash those who preach cutback and austerity, but he doesn’t talk about the obvious solution, jobs guaranteed by society for everyone, jobs as a human right.

When will working people wake up and start demanding jobs?  When will they fight like Egyptians?

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