Nearly Half of New Yorkers Poor or Near Poor in 2011

April 23.  It didn’t get much play in the New York Times or interest by other media, but an April 21 article showed that a huge portion of New Yorkers were having a hard time.  The percent of people in 2011 in the biggest city in the U.S.A. considered poor or near poor was 46%  or almost half the whole population.

That’s the finding of the city’s “Center for Economic Opportunity”.  It claims things have “stabilized” meaning that on the whole increases have stopped, but the ranks of the poor and near poor have grown a lot since 2008.  The percent poor rose to 21% in 2011 with 25% considered near poor.  “Near poor” is up to 1 and a half times the poverty amount.  In the very high-priced Big Apple that’s up to $46,000 for a family of four.

Here’s the very hard to understand press release coming for Mayo (20 billion dollars) Michael Bloomberg.  It tries to put the best face on things highlighting that the share of poor single parent families has gone down.  Numbers since 2011 are not known.

What’s clear is that the share of people having it rough in Gotham City has “stabilized” at an outrageous amount.  A decade of rule by a multi-billionaire and the city is awash in misery.

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