Zeke27 Nails It

Zeke27 from New York wrote this in a comment to a NYT article

“I support the NRA’s position on focusing on the mental health aspect of gun ownership.

We should start by questioning whether it is sane to want a 30 bullet clip for a rifle, or whether it is some delusion based on a neurotic idea spawned by a video game.

We should question the gun owner’s mental stability when he or she expresses the paranoia inherent in the belief that the government is about to confiscate their guns.

We should question the obsessive compulsion that causes some people to stockpile guns and ammunition as if they were stacks of newspapers kept by some hoarder.

We should question the mental stability of those who want to arm everyone in the community,  just in case someone points a stick at them.

The burden of proof of mental stability should be on the person who wants to own a machine designed solely to kill with maximum damage. Gun dealers should be the last people to make that determination.  It’s really quite simple.”

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