Obama Budget Little More than Hot Air on Climate

Obama has threatened to use the Environmental Protection Agency to lower carbon dioxide pollution.  He has threatened and he has threatened…for three years.

So next year if he has his way the EPA’s budget will be reduced by a  3.5%.  Huh? Who’s he going to use to enforce things if the EPA puts greenhouse gas limits on coal burning electric plants, the Boy Scouts?

As Nigel Holmes wrote on his New Yorker blog “the phrase ‘climate change’ appears twenty-nine times in the new budget, but there is no new plan for Congress to take up”.

The biggest new money would be a billion of so for a satellite to track climate change, that is to watch things sizzle.  Then there’s $900 for the State Department to use to ask other countries not to tear up their forests.  Then there’s a piddling $200 million for the Transportation Department to use to protect cities from “extreme weather” (levees?)  Worth mentioning is a call to end the obscene $4 billion a year subsidy to the climate killing oil and gas industries.

The president again claims he’ll reduce CO2 by 17% by the time he leaves office, but says  not much about how he’s going to do it other than than getting trucks more efficient and asking people to stop wasting electricity.

That’s pretty much it.

No carbon tax.  No “fee and dividend” like climate scientist (now full time activist) James Hansen has proposed.  No “Manhattan Project” to make cheap solar power.  No wind (except maybe the hot air that the naïve swoon over every time Obama opens his mouth).  No urgency at all.  It’s as if he figures climate change  just means hotter summers and more storms instead of the death of millions.

As Holmes put it in the title of his post “Has Obama Already Given Up on Climate Change?”  You decide.

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