Gone Into History

He came to power when Latin America was a joke, run by gorillas and lickspittles for the Empire. Now most of Latin America stands by itself. Venezuela has tremendous problems, especially crime, but the masses of average people seemed to have loved Chavez. The TV news said the crowds in the streets of Caracas ran from one end of the city to the other, hundreds of thousands of people.

President Obama issued a graceless two sentence “condolence” message, not even giving a routine word of sympathy to the family.  Compare it to what he said when the “Crown Prince” of Saudi Arabia died in 2011.  That country as we know is a paragon of democracy where people are executed for sorcery and witchcraft.

Update March 8.  The Venezuelan Consul General in New York said on Democracy Now! that 2 million people are in the streets in honor of Chavez.  Don’t recall if that many were in the streets when Nixon died.

On the other hand she announced that his body was going to embalmed and placed in a military museum for eternal public viewing.  Idol worship, just what we need.

Interesting piece in the Guardian about Venezula and climate change.  It sounds as if Chavez was doing an Obama warning about climate change and pumping as much oil as he could (BTW Venezuela is the second big area in the world of dirty tar sands).

We also have to remember the support Chavez gave for a number of Middle East tyrants like Ahmadinejad, Qaddafi and Assad.    No doubt it was an attempt to break the isolation the Empire was forcing on Venezuela, but what good did it do and did the Venezuelan people want it?  (Not to say Chavez was unique in this.  Just look at the photos of FDR and Joe Stalin.)

Finally, FAIR noticed an AP article  on Chavez that said he wasted his money on helping poor people when he could have built huge buildings like some Arab kings.  Shows very well Empire thinking.

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