Furious at AFL-CIO Decision

I sent this to a number of union leaders I know:

In over 40 years of union membership I can’t remember the last time I was so angry at an AFL-CIO decision.  According to the New York Times the national federation has in all but name endorsed the Keystone XL pipeline.   The Federation is giving its blessing to opening up the mining of vast new fossil fuels at a time that the atmosphere is dangerously warming because of fossil fuel overuse.  We are on the brink of catastrophic climate change this century and our union is closing it eyes.

Here’s a fairly short article in the Times, by top NASA scientist James Hansen.  It was printed last year and it predicts “game over” for the climate if the pipeline is built.  Quite frankly, it’s terrifying.

This article printed before Hurricane Sandy.  It was printed before the weather maps in Australia had to add two new colors to show temperatures up to 125 degrees.

That the pipeline might add several thousands new jobs is irrelevant in view of the immense cost to humans of climate catastrophe caused by flooding the air with carbon.

I appeal to  you to angrily contact your international officers and demand they reverse this foul decision.

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