The Vote in Italy was No Joke

The corporate press is scratching its head and claiming the vote in Italy was some kind of farce.  They barely mention that the biggest vote getter was Beppe Grillo of the New Five Star Movement, dismissing him as an ex-comedian.  Grillo’s brand new party got 25% of the vote.  So Grillo made people laugh.  What were the credentials of corporate hero Ronald Reagan?  He was  a movie actor, and then a shill for various corporations.

Anyway Grillo is no joke.  According to an Italian paper Grillo gets advice from Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Prize winning economist.  Supposedly on of Grillo’s ideas is to make the maximum work week no longer than 30 hours, with everyone sharing what work there is.   That’s a damn fine idea.

Dario Fo, Italian Nobel Prize winner, voted for Grillo and said the great playwright said Grillo’s showing is a triumph for youth

Syriza in Greece, Five Start Movement in Italy.  People in Europe are waking up.

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