First Thoughts about the Crucial Climate Rally

It was cold and windy, and climate flat earthers no doubt had a chuckle about that, but there were tens of thousands of us at the rally against the Keystone XL Pipeline. is claiming 50,000.

For TSVN I interviewed Bill McKibbenVan Jones  Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune,  and co-founder Phil Aroneaneu.

I asked McKibben if in view of the emergency whether the US government should take over the fossil fuel industry.  I spoke to Jill Stein of the Green Party and posted two of her comments to this site’s EcoUp1 You Tube channel here and here.  She was in the tent before the rally with the featured speakers, but she did not speak, possibly because she said she was there to protest Obama for his lack of action.  The main speakers were careful not to criticize Obama, but to challenge him, urge him on to fulfill his promises or to say they would “cover his back” if he cancelled the XL Pipeline.   Yet Obama didn’t send anyone to give a greeting.  He himself was on vacation playing golf with Tiger Woods.

A good deal of time was given two Indian speakers from Canada.  Excellent

They had a senator from Rhode Island as a speaker, but no one from the anti-war movement even though the Pentagon is the biggest carbon polluter in the world and if approached properly the anti-war forces would add thousands more to the rally.   There was a big banner from Veterans for Peace.  I didn’t see other peace banners or signs or banners from the eco-socialists who I know had a contingent.

The New York Time coverage is here.  It claimed the argument over the pipeline was a dispute between Canada and industry on the one hand and “environmental activists” on the other.  No where does it mention that what the environmentalists are talking about is extreme, catastrophic changes in the earth’s climate.

Washington Post article is here.  It wasn’t on their front page.  It took a while to find it.  The picture they use to illustrate it is silly.  Carbon dioxide is not a breathing poison.  There were plenty of great signs they could have used or the mock pipeline itself.

The International Herald Tribune (owned by the NYT) article is here.

On the way home I was reading part of James Hansen’s  “Storms of My Grandchildren”.  I could hardly believe the section I read.  He says if we burn up all the fossil fuel in the earth including the tar sands we would set off uncontrolled global warming that would make climate temperatures similar to Venus.  He was not trying to exaggerate for effect.  He was deadly serious.  He was talking about human extinction.



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