“God Bless the Insurance Industry Plan” found Constitutional

June 29.  I had hoped the Supreme Court would have knocked down Obama’s crappy expensive health care plan so a real fight could have been made for Single-Payer, but didn’t really expect it.   It’s too risky for the 1% to rule nakedly, without any illusions that the government really wants to help “the people”.

Yet it was almost worth it to hear the anguish of the Right Wing talk show hosts.

I was listening to Clear Channel, first to a guy named Mark LeVin who sounded like he was going to have a stroke. Obamacare was going to bankrupt us.  The Supreme Court had betrayed us and the only thing we could do was to elect conservative Republicans.  “We” (white people?) had to take the country back?

Funnier was Michael Savage.  He said this was the end of America.  We had become Venezuela and were on our way to Cuba.  He had no hope at all.  Elections were useless.  He thought Chief Justice Roberts was suffering mental impairment from the epilepsy drugs he was taking.   That was the only reason the arch-conservative would have voted to uphold the law.  Savage proclaimed he knew more about the Constitution than the Supreme Court.   Just before I turned off Savage was blaming Rush Limbaugh for not taking Savage’s last book seriously enough.   As they say it was a laugh riot.

There’s a better explanation than drug impairment for Roberts decision.  The Supreme Court is not blind to conditions in theUS.  Anger and despair are building.  It’s their duty to watch out for the interests of the whole ruling class, to wisely put aside their own lunatic right wing convictions if necessary to make sure that a militant and uncompromising Left never develops.  That’s the explanation for Roberts “treason” to the Tea Party.

So we’re doomed to endure Obama’s God Bless the Insurance Industry Plan for years, tens of millions forced to buy skimpy private insurance, small subsidies for poor, billions for the insurance companies, taxing of insurance coverage and a few decent benefits (pre-existing conditions, etc.) .  No doubt Congress will starve the plan, but people will put up with it for years to see how it will play out.

Michael Moore is dreaming if he thinks this decision will be a spur for Single Payer.

Ignored yesterday were the jobs numbers, a slight decline in new unemployment claims. but Bloomberg News correctly noted they are nearly at their highest levels of 2012.  In fact last week’s numbers were revised to be at the highest levels of the year.

The economy is floundering.








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