Maybe the Recall Effort was a Mistake

Channeling of the incredible energy and anger of Wisconsin into election activity was a mistake. It’s not just that Obama betrayed his own candidate, not showing up once in Wisconsin. It’s not just that the Right will always have more money.

It’s that the fix is in. There’s a whole collection of interlocking laws and practices and that make it impossible for our elections to be fully democratic. At the national level you need 60 votes in the Senate to pass any substantial measure. The electoral college allows a loser to win (last time in 2000 Bush). You need an obscene amount of money to run a campaign so the corporations have a lock on both parties. Third parties face enormous burdens (like the election system where a new party will always be blamed for drawing votes away from the lesser evil). The media is controlled by big money and has the right and ability top censor out what we say. Finally it’s almost impossible to amend the Constitution.

The state level at first doesn’t look as bad, but states have their own problems. They can’t take care of needs with deficit spending like the federal government. They can tax only so much because they fear people (or businesses) will just pack up and go to another state and because the Federal government is taxing so much and sending it down the rat hole of war

Am I saying, “Give up”. Not at all.

What they were doing in Wisconsin, demonstration after demonstration, no business as usual, disruption, occupation, that was the way to go. It should have gone on in that direction, harsher and deeper. There should have been outright strikes from workers and students.

Just because the rich can buy a majority vote it does not mean the people have to agree to be slaves.

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