The Conspiracy Against Greece

Those of you over 40 probably heard of the movies “Zorba the Greek” and “Z”. The music for both was created by the great composer Mikis Theodorakis. Little known in the US, but very well known in Greece is the fact that he had major roles in Greece’s resistance to the Nazis during World War II and to Greece’s own fascist military government 1967-1974.

In his late ’80’s he’s still at it, taking part in the resistance against the picking clean of Greece by European capital and its Greek assistants. He issued an amazing “Letter to International Public Opinion” and here is video of Greek-American Ioanna Gutas reading major parts of it.

Then there’s an interview I did with her about how Greece got into this pitiful situation. We start with the unknown (in the US) monstrous invasion of Greece by Germany in WWII coming up to the madness and betrayal of the last few years.

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