Greece: ” We are going back to the standard of living our grandfathers had.”

Oct. 24. So says Eliza Giannakaromi, who was marching with municipal employees in this week’s general strike. “It is happening at every level of society”, said Stelios Georgiou, a refuse collector who was holding a banner that said: “We want to kick out this government.” He used to earn €1,200 ($1,671) a month and now gets €700 ($974). “They should go after the tax evaders and not us.”

Strikes are frequent. Garbage hasn’t been collected in ten days resulting in stinking mounds all over Athens.

Of course the corporate media want you to believe the Greeks lived like kings causing their own problems, but the real story is the Greek 1% lived like kings and caused the country’s downfall. The upper classes paid almost no taxes. Marshall Auerback of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute writes, ” The top 20 per cent of the income distribution in Greece pay virtually no taxes at all, the product of a corrupt bargain reached during the days of the junta between the military and Greece’s wealthiest plutocrats. No wonder there is a fiscal crisis.” Greek banks and companies borrowed heavily in Bush years just like Ireland and a bunch of other financial “tigers”. All are now reduced to kittens

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