Making Demands on Wall Street

by Stanley Heller

Oct. 4. I can agree with Occupy Wall Street people who are suspicious of making demands on Wall St., ideas for “reform” or “change” that in the end won’t amount to a hill of beans. In fact the whole purpose of this website is come up with something completely new.

But as we dive into a another recession we do need to propose demands that can ease things a bit in the here and now and help map out ways to abolish the Capitalist Casino.

Some Possible Slogans:

Ten Million Green Jobs Now
Slash College and Mortgage Debt
Tax Every Stock Market Trade
Worker Majorities on Boards of Directors
Screw Market Chaos – Plan Out the Necessities
Join a Union – Build Democracy and Power at the Workplace

Down with the Possible – Keep Your Feet Firmly Planted in the Clouds

BTW Marxian economist Richard Wolff will be speaking down in Liberty Plaza at NYC Occupy Wall St at 6 p.m. Here’s something he wrote in the Guardian (UK)

P.S. I’ve called for millions of new government jobs for a long time. Interesting, on Counterpunch there’s a proposal from Marshall Auerback of the Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt Institute for JG, Job Guarantee. It would be a guarantee of a minimum wage job for every American. This fits in nicely with 1930’s liberalism, but it’s not what I had in mind. Auerback doesn’t say it, but if there were these guaranteed jobs, a demand would be to get rid of unemployment benefits. . Don’t see why a laid off construction worker or teacher should have to take a minimum wage job. He also makes a point of saying these jobs won’t be a threat to the “private sector”. Why the hell not? Why have an artificial wall blocking off what the public can do from what business can do? The corporate “privatizers” sure don’t respect the wall.

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