Finally, Some Liberals See Need for Public Job Creation

It took forever, but some of the liberal economists are seeing what FDR saw in 1933, that the US government should have a massive public jobs program.. Earlier this month in his article “Corporate Can Con” Paul Krugman ended with this sentence, “What our economy needs is direct job creation by the government and mortgage-debt relief for stressed consumers.” And now Robert Reich in a mock alternative Obama speech writes, “We’ll re-create the WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps – two of the most successful innovations of the New Deal – and put people back to work directly. The long-term unemployed will help rebuild our roads and bridges, ports and levees, and provide help needed in our schoos and hospitals.”

Of course, they don’t go far enough. There’s whole industries that have to be rebuilt, most immediately energy production. We ‘re in a race to replace fossil fuels and nuclear with renewable energy. The race is with Death in the form of Global Warming and Radiation Poisoning. Millions need to be employed in public enterprise so we’ll win the reace.

But it’s a starting point. And the unemployed and the job insecure (most working people) should go out into the streets and say, “We Want Jobs”.

P.S. The unions, unbelievably, are behind the liberals. The AFL-CIO blog recently talked about a forum about jobs where their favored economist, Heather Boushey, discovered there was a lack of buying power “demand”. The AFL-CIO noted, “The best ways to increase demand, she said, is to invest in things that generate demand, like infrastructure aid to the states, education and long-term unemployment benefits.” Very vague, very timid. Just a rehash of the Obama stimulus of 2009.

It’s an Obamination.

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