Why Aren’t the Unions Screaming?

The New York Daily News cites a report by UBS Investment Research that state and local governments may cut 450,000 jobs in fiscal 2012 (which starts in the summer of 2011 I believe). Part of the problem is that Federal “incentive” programs are dying.

The jobs to be lost are on top of 300,00 state and local government jobs lost in fiscal 2011.

Why aren’t the unions screaming for Federal money? Obama rounded up $13 trillion to rescue Wall St. The common people got a couple hundred million in “incentive” programs and tax breaks. Why aren’t the unions screaming to end the wars with their endless flows of money to the Masters of War, Inc.?

We know the answer. The union brass has been tied to “a Democratic President will solve all our problems” strategy for decades. So they have to act like mice when Obama kicks them in the face. So they do nothing real to oppose the wars even though their members want to bring the troops home.

The same on the state level, too. If Republicans trash unions and benefits the union chiefs roar like lions. If Democrat governors trash benefits the unions whimper, “it’s the best that can be done.”

Even the mass action in Wisconsin hasn’t changed anything. Trumpka’s latest speech “threatening” independence was lame to the extreme. Window dressing for the same old same old.

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