Waking Up the Dead Suits

A sad piece in Newsweek a few weeks back “Dead Suit Walking” about jobless men in their late 40’s and 50’s who can’t find work, fear they’ll have to accept a big downgrade in order to get another job and are taking out their frustrations at home. “sad, tired and defeated”.

Why not angry?

Why do they buy the absolute garbage they their lack of a job is their fault?

The titans of finance and the government “experts” caused the collapse. Then they got the government to use $13 trillion dollars to restore the house of cards. Profits are up, stocks are up, bonuses are skyrocketing. Jobs…. Well, the job situation sucks.

Another way to look at this is took check out the national debt. At the end of September 2008, when the government started throwing money around the national debt was about $10 trillion. As of May 17, 2011 it was $14.34 trillion.

It has been going up about $600 billion a year for the first eight years of the 2000’s. At that rate the deficit of May 2011 should have been $11.5 trillion. So the excess in 2 and a half years is about $2.86 trillion.

So we could say the minimum it cost the government to restore the capitalist casino is $2.9 trillion dollars. What the hell, call it $3 trillion.

So why aren’t the sad men in suits demanding their due, a trillion dollar jobs program, direct federal hiring in projects that could use their skills?

Here’s APP for jobessness depression: Awareness, Anger, Purpose and a Program.

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