Real Headlines of March 24


Trump Considers Reopening Economy, Over Health Experts’ Objections – NYT

Trump hints at discontent with social distancing measures as economy slides – Yahoo News

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick suggests, he & other seniors willing to die to get economy going again – NBC News

In other words they’re more willing to have the end of the world than to move out of their comfort zone and live a different way.

In other news the head of the Israeli Health Ministry, Yaakov Litzman, was asked by a reporter if the lockdown in the country will last until the Passover holiday on April 8.  This Health Minister said, “We are praying and hoping that the Messiah will arrive before Passover…”  Sounds like a sure thing.  Why have a lockdown at all?  In fact why have a Health Ministry.  Israel could save money.

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