In Nancy’s Bailout, Airline Companies Could Plant Trees and Pollute Away

Despite the pleas of climate scientists and activists the Democratic Party alternative to to Trump’s trillion dollar bailout bill has very very little added to it to protect the climate.  One big concern is that greenhouse gas pollution for jets is slated to triple in coming decades. Activists wanted a guarantee that airlines would cap pollution at 2020 levels.  Nothing doing.  Yahoo news reports that in the Democratic bill proposal airlines in return for being bailed out would be required to “offset” their increased pollution by planting trees or funding renewable energy.

Problem is the whole “offset” industry is a scam.  Here’s a piece on Propublica about it.  Reporter Lisa Song writes, “If the world were graded on the historic reliability of carbon offsets, the result would be a solid F.”

Anyway, the offsets and $300 million a year for grants to make better jet fuel look like all there is to climate benefits in the Pelosi bill.  No stoppage of fossil fuel exploration.  No ban on banks financing pipelines. Nothing

Obama, for all his faults, saved GM and Ford and got in return significant increases in miles per gallon standards on cars.  This Nancy Pelosi alternative to the Trump-Mnuchin plan looks like total crap.

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