Wisconsin Union Leaders Wrong to Give Up on Wages

While I’m, of course, delighted and dazzled by the militancy and creativity of Wisconsin unionists and workers, I’m troubled by the tactic that’s being taken by union leaderships, giving in on the pay and pension cuts demanded by Gov. Walker in hopes of saving collective baragaining and union rights. In an attempt to look reasonable they’re not disputing the lie that “there is no money”.

Sure Wisconsin has a budget deficit. But why just think within the normal budget box? Wisconsin and all the states and cities need and deserve massive money to come from the federal government.

Bush and Obama marshalled some $13 trillion for Wall St., $600 billion just in the last few months. Wisconsin workers have to demand the same support for working people in their state and across the nation.

And they have to start talking about the wars. Union brass generally don’t want to bring up the issue, fearing that rank and file patriots will be offended. Giving out leaflets at CT solidarity demos with Wisconsin tells a different story. Workers are plenty happy to talk about getting out of the wars, especially now that they see Arabs creating democracy by themselves without the “blessings” of U.S. invasions.

The ranks need to insist that their leaders seriously demand:. No concessions. No layoffs. Tax the rich. Bring the war dollars home.

And these are only stop-gap demands. U.S. capitalism doesn’t work. Its booms always leave out millions. Its busts are inevitable and immense. It needs to be replaced with something new. Click on the “About” link on top  or right here for some ideas.

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