“If We’re Bailing Out Corporations, They Should Bail Out the Planet”

The title above is in quotes because it’s the title of Bill McKibben’s latest piece in The New Yorker. The banks and corporations are asking for trillions again. They’re in bad shape because they took advantage of the crazy low interest rates to borrow trillions that they suddenly can’t pay back. Of course they have a friendly ear in Trump.

McKibben says not to give the money unless there a few “strings” attached like:

1) Cap airline emissions at 2020 levels
2) No bank allowed to loan for fossil fuel pipeline
3) No more exploring for oil

and he links to this long, long statement from climate groups about how to go on

One hopes that Bernie Sanders will stay in the race to lead this fight, one of many.

And I’ll link to an alarming  NYT piece ” ‘Terrified’ Package Delivery Employees Are going to Work Sick”.  I spotted one error.  It says there’s low danger to the public because cardboard holds the virus for only a “brief time”.  Uh uh what health folks are saying is 12 hours.

Oh, by the way what ever happened to those free market fanatic Tea Party folks who took over the Republican Party.?  They were outraged, OUTRAGED when government (meaning Obama) gave money to companies and the public.  Don’t hear them saying $***@#@@ now.

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