After a 6 a.m. Run to a Supermarket

After a 6 a.m. Run to a Supermarket I Think

We Need to Nationalize Food Markets and Deliver Foods to Homes

by Stanley Heller

March 19.  Since my wife and I are seniors we decided last night to order from Stop and Shop Peapod and get everything delivered.  After 90 minutes we were done ordering online,  but there was a problem.  A big one.  Peapod was so booked that all March deliveries had been taken!

So Plan B. Stop and Shop had announced early hours exclusively for older people.  So I got up at 5:30 and made it to the store about an hour later.  First thing I saw was a crowded parking lot.  My heart sank.  Everybody had the same idea.  Go out in public now before the numbers with the Covid-19 virus skyrocket.

I put on some plastic gloves and entered the store.  Inside it didn’t look too different from mid-day.  Lots of people, but not scary crowded.  A few people wore masks, which was a bit unnerving, though my brain knows that’s fine.  Few of the workers in the store had gloves and that bothered me.

I noticed there were no heads of lettuce, but otherwise produce looked pretty good, but when I got to the mean aisle I got a shock.  Almost nothing.  No chicken, no hamburger, no beef.  The only thing there was some unusual things packaged like beef liver.  The bread aisle was mostly empty though it was supplied with 40 or 50 loaves as I was nearly finished shopping.  The careful list of items for “specials” was useless.  I was lucky to find any pound of butter.

I feared the line for checkout, but I lucked out.  I found a register with just one person ahead of me and she was almost checked out. I was out of the store by 7:15, but I wondered how much food would be left after “senior hours” were done.  I ditched my gloves after loading my car, then used another pair of gloves to bring everything into the house.

To stop the pandemic we have to move to a new model…complete online ordering of food and deliveries of food to front porches and apartment lobbies.  We need rationing to make sure there aren’t panics (like over toilet paper).  We need massive hiring of young people to shop the shelves, fill the baskets, load trucks and deliver to the homes.  They should all be gloved and there needs to be lots of inspectors in stores to make everyone is using the gloves in the best way and sending home anyone who is sick.

The government thinks waves of this virus could last for 18 months.  I suspect the production and packaging of food is also being completely disrupted.

Wouldn’t it be wise to nationalize food production, ration and have all food be delivered?

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  1. Sue Margaret VanDerzee says:

    In ordinary circumstances, yes; under Trump, no.

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