World Going to Command Economies – What Should Be Done?


March 18.  Countries are moving over to command economies.   In each country the “free market” will be less important than “World War II type” mobilizations.  Crucial decisions made at the top.  With tens of millions “locked down” it will be the only way that current elites  understand to keep people healthy and fed and to prevent chaos.

What should working people call for?

Crash program to build ventilators  (Britain is planning to make 20,000 a week)

Produce virus testing equipment massively

Make huge amounts of disinfectant and soap products and disposable or reusable gloves

Realize the frontline workers are doctors, nurses and workers who clean as are food producers and distributors

Hire thousands of inspectors to make sure cleaners are well prepared and doing their job

Have all food delivered to peoples’ homes

Feed the undocumented, too.  We’re all in this together

Let thousands of low-risk prisoners free, especially those at high risk of catching the virus

It is not a priority to rescue cruise lines and airlines

Free internet and free computers so education can go on (and we dont’ drive each other nuts)

When shortages become apparent ration by need

Don’t ignore the other emergency, avoiding climate catastrophe.  Make any subsidy to airlines dependent on strict climate benefits

Tell Trump to curb the Saudis and their disastrous oil war.

End Iran sanctions that affect public health. Demand Iran get out of Syria.

This would not be socialism.  A narrow group of experts and politicians would be making all the big decisions, not the people.  The top group will naturally award itself the best of everything.

During the pandemic room for popular pressure would be very narrow.  Still we would see that all the “religion” about the free-market is bogus and that there are other ways to live.  A fight for socialism could be further along.

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