The “Hot” Economy


New York Times economist Paul Krugman wrote a piece called “The Triumph of Fiscal Hypocrisy” exploring for the umpteenth time Republican hypocrisy on deficit spending (spending more than you take in and adding to the national debt to make things square). He’s correct about the hypocrisy, but he also writes , “And let’s be honest: The U.S. economy is running pretty hot these days. Growth in G.D.P. and employment has been good, though not spectacular; the unemployment rate is near a historic low.”

I added this in the comments section:

The economy is “hot”?  In fact it’s overheated, not with inflation, but with global warming.  How is the fact that industry and transportation throw their waste into the air not part of the economy?  If people just kept adding their human waste to a pile the basement wouldn’t that be a factor in the quality of life? We now have less than 10 years before we must MUST cut back greenhouse gas emissions by 50% or go over a tipping point.  Instead of looking at GDP look at the PPM, parts per million of carbon dioxide in the air.  Safe is 350, but currently it’s very close to 414.  Do we really think a few “Green” measures we take care of things?  Some sound the alarm and cry “emergency”, but few realize what must be done.  We at Promoting Enduring Peace call for worker and community takeover of the fossil fuel industries, rationing of fossil fuel use, degrowth, rewilding and other emergency measures.

The latest flyer from PEP about this is here

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