It’s Not Only Greed – It’s the System


In talking to the media Ahold Delhaize  the company the owns Stop and Shop, says it needs all kinds of give-backs from workers to “stay competitive”.  With a company that made a profit of near $600 million in the last three months of 2018 their excuse seems to be a load of … potatoes.

The case for the boss was made in an article in the Boston Globe and it has to be treated seriously, because it will influence many people.   The Globe calls the strike the “last stand for unionized grocery workers, whose stores are under attack by a host of competitors, all looking to grab a piece of the supermarket bounty.”  There is some truth in this.  The A&P, Pathmark, and Grand Union supermarkets are gone.  Now Walmart, Amazon, Costco and even the drug store chain CVS sell food items.  They’re are eager to gobble up more of the market (pun intended).

The newer food selling companies don’t have what they think are the terrible burdens of the supermarkets (unions, pensions, health insurance, decent working conditions).  Some like Amazon don’t even have stores.  All of this lets them sell things cheaper and that does put pressure on the likes of Ahold Delhaize.  Law-of-the-jungle capitalism makes it harder and harder for working people to have a decent living.

So, should the workers at Stop and Shop just give in?  Absolutely NOT.

As we say again and again we need system change.  In the meantime go down to the picket lines and help the strikers. For the latest go to the website of the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 371.  Go union!

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