Build Paper Mills and Glass Factories

Years ago you went shopping and the grocery store packed all your stuff in sturdy paper bags.  At some point they shifted to cheaper plastic.  If you ask for a paper bag now they’ll give you a bag, but it’s so thin that it tears at the slightest movement.  So, they put your thin paper bag in a plastic bag!  Straws used to be made out of paper.  Now you have to go online to find anything but plastic straws.

How about food trash and refuse inside your home?  It’s so convenient to use a “kitchen-size” plastic bag.  Why don’t they make thick kitchen size paper bags for wet refuse (whatever is not being composted)?

This is not completely a new idea.  Not too long ago everyone just bagged their leaves in big green garbage bags.  It’s outlawed I think all over CT.  Instead we use thick tall brown paper bags.

So, ban the use of plastic for grocery items or for trash containers.

As everyone knows there’s a real problem with plastic bottles.  Americans use 50 billion plastic bottles a year, 50 billion no misprint.  91% of that plastic is not recycled.  Before the 1990’s no one used this crap. Coke didn’t go to plastic bottles until 1993.  How did people get a drink in public in the olden days?  Well for one thing there were public water fountains. People also used metal canteens and thermos bottles And there was also this clear stiff stuff that held everything from soda, to perfume to medicine.  I think it was called glass.  That’s right it was called glass.  You can recycle it forever with just hot water and some soap.

Ban the plastic bottle.  Go back to glass and stick a 50 cent deposit on every bottle to encourage recycling.

And build some more water fountains.

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