Is the Trump Bump a Trump Dump?

Update Jan 3, 2019.  After stocks had an awful December Trump brushed it off saying “We had a little glitch in the stock market last month, but it’s still up about 30% from the time I got elected”.  Total BS.  Even if you include the huge one day jump right after Christmas the DOW went up from the day after Trump’s election to this morning by 22%.  So Trump’s statement was well past exaggeration, up to the fib and lie range.   And today…today there was another big tumble.  BTW here’s another neat chart for another stock index, the S&P.   It shows the rise or fall over each modern president’s term.  Who were the best friends of Wall Street?  #1 Bill Clinton,  #2 Barack Obama.

Dec. 24. When they’re making money a lot of people are willing to forgive Fearless Leader for his little peculiarities, things like mad hatred of this group or that, going hugely into debt, firing everyone in sight or bloody wars.  When times get tough though, opinions change.  Are we at that point in the U.S.?

Now you know Trump has been constantly trumpeting (pun intended) how wonderful the economy is and much the stock market has gone up during his presidency.  Well, with stocks tanking he’s, of course, looking for a scapegoat.  He’s found the head of the Federal Reserve to fix blame.  Seems it doesn’t understand that the Fed should borrow more trillions to keep interest rates ridiculously low.

Anyway, how well has Trump actually done in his years of office (with a Congress dominated by Trump yes-men)? There’s a neat site called Market Insider that shows not only the current index numbers like the DOW and S&P, but how these indexes have done over any period of months and years you care to give.  

From the day after Trump’s election to this morning Dec. 24 stocks went up 19%.  Pretty good.  But compare to Obama’s years in office.  From the day he was elected to the day he left the stock market rose 143%. That’s an average of 18% every year for 8 years.

Here’s another number $400.  Back in May the Federal Reserve released a report saying that 4 out of 10 Americans couldn’t come up with $400 for an unexpected expense.  They’d have to sell something or borrow.   So much for all the wealth Trump (and Obama) created for the “middle class”.

And here’s a chart:

72,000 dead from drug overdoses in 2017 including a disgusting rise of 30,000 dead from synthetic opiods like fentanyl.  Seems there’s a whole world of hurt out there.

Final statistic.  There’s been a lot of hub-bub in the media about someone who set up a Go Fund Me page to pay for Trump’s Anti-Latino wall.  It’s raised $16 million.  We’ll so what?  $16 million is a far cry from the billions Trump needs to pay for more concrete and such.  Trump supposedly has all these billionaire buddies.  Why aren’t they pledging tens of millions each?  How about the casino king Sheldon Adelson?  He could pay for the wall all by himself (with all the money he made off suckers).  There is another number 268,000.  It’s the number of different people who gave money.  Scary that there’s so much hatred of Latinos in this country.

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