We Dodged a Bullet

The One Party State has suffered a big blow.  Led by angry women, minorities and unions the House of Representatives has swung Blue.  But have no illusions, the idea we can “take back” the Democratic Party is dead wrong .  “We” never had it and never will

  1. The Georgia and Florida elections are still in play.  Particularly in Georgia the possibility of another stolen election is huge.  Hundreds of thousands appear to have illegally been denied their right to vote.  Don’t repeat what Al Gore meekly did in 2000. There needs to be continuous demonstrations especially in Georgia.  No concession until every eligible person who wanted to vote has his or her vote counted.
  2. The Move On/Indivisible demonstration of Nov 8 to protect the Muller investigations were massive.  Move On claims hundreds of rallies with a total of 100,000 protesting. And it’s had an effect.  Trump appears to be distancing himself a bit from the loyalist he bought in to sabotage the Russia-Trump investigation.   Broaden the movement, get trade unions involved.
  3. We need a Third Party, but how?  The system is so totally slanted in favor of the Two Party Racket.  Can we figure out something like what’s being worked on to bypass the Electoral College?  Supporting the Dems in close races in exchange for places at the debates, minority representation or something even more creative.  But would the Democrats give anything?  With their wins in this election won’t they do the usual, lurch to the Right, take the Left for granted and place their bets on hacks like Biden or Hillary?
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