Trump Promised a Trillion for Construction Jobs. Instead He Sells Guns

Candidate Trump promised a $1 trillion plan to rebuild roads and bridges and such.  The fancy term is “infrastructure”.  He was going to “create an infrastructure fund that would be supported by government bonds that investors and citizens could purchase.”  He never came through on it.  Oh, he still brings it up once in a while.  Early this year he gathered together some people wearing hard hats in Ridgefield, Ohio and upped the numbers.  He called for a $1.5 trillion plan.  Bit it’s just hot air.  The only new money Trump got for federal construction projects from Congress was $21 billion.  And no wonder, he does nothing to work on the issue.

 What he does talk about is selling guns, especially to the Saudis.  He opened the spigot on weapons sales, selling to practically anyone. Newsweek noted that he sold more weapons in the first half of this year than in all of 2017.  The U.S. sells a bit over 1/3 of all the weapons sold in the world.   Trump crows about it and makes up numbers.  He trumpets his $110 billion “deal” with the Saudis.  That produced, he says, 500,000 jobs or maybe 600,000 jobs.  It’s all BS.  There’s no new $110 billion deal.  It’s about $14.5 billion and the jobs numbers are in the tens of thousands. 

 All the while he shames our country, humiliating Uncle Sam by making him a merchant of death.    He (and most of Congress) makes it seem there is no other way to make a living than by killing and selling the tools of slaughter.

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