New Book “The Uprising We Need”

Stanley Heller, the main writer for this blog has published a book on Kindle called:

The Uprising We Need: Over 80 hard-hitting articles  $5.99

From the blurb “Hard-hitting articles by educator and TV news anchor Stanley Heller. As dictators, haters and thugs triumph and climate tipping-points near, we need a strategy for resistance and victory. Pieces range from ideas on how to calm things down in Korea, the false and dangerous promise of “clean, natural gas”, what people should be demanding for Syria, Israel’s terrible persecution of Palestinians, solidarity actions with Native Americans, a trillion dollar job plan and withering criticism of U.S. politicians. Many practical ideas from a long time activist in the anti-war and labor movements.”

Here’s a link to the Amazon page where the book is sold.  Extensive samples on that page.  Free book reader software available on the page.   There is no print edition of the book at this time.

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