Is This the Best Idea Richard Trumka Has to Defend Healthcare?  A Petition?

big crowd 09 health care2

(A march in 2009)

Tomorrow 6/22 the Republicans are going to reveal their final version of their bill to strangle health care.  It’s expected to be nearly the same as the House bill which would take away health insurance for 23 million people and give a whopping tax cut to the very rich.

So what are the unions asking us to do? Go to the website of our biggest union federation the AFL-CIO, led by Richard Trumpka.   You’re asked to sign a petition.  We should send a petition to Congress controlled by Trump and his minions.  Why? To give him a good laugh?  OK, Facebook is more trendy. Maybe the fiery stuff is there.  What’s on the Facebook page of the federation?  It asks you to call your senator about Medicaid and the health care bill.

That’s it?  That’s the best a 12 million member organization can do?

Why aren’t the unions calling people to go out into the streets?  If France and Italy issues like this cause general strikes.  I realize that’s way beyond our union pie cards’ imagination, lost as they are in hustling for the Democrats, but what about a march, what about clogging the streets?

With their money and social media they could put out the call and get a million people in the streets this very weekend.  And they could scare the bejeezus out of Trump and the billionaires by not only opposing his health care fiasco, but by demanding 100% government medical coverage for every single person in the country, also known as “Expanded Medicare For All”.

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