Headlines from an Alternate Universe


By Stanley Heller

The Democratic Party in 2017 continues its collapse. It has lost both houses of Congress, 2/3 of the governors and with the appointment of Gorsuch now faces a Supreme Court once again under Republican control. Its response…more of the same. Oh yes, the party prattles about “resistance”, even Hillary used the word, but the Democrats wouldn’t even put the very, very moderate Keith Ellison as formal head of the party.

In one alternate universe, however, things are different. This universe had an Earth identical to our own, with a history identical to our own until the year 2001. In that universe the response to the U.S. presidential election the year before was quite different. What Nader and the Greens did was celebrated as the start of something new, even awesome.

Here are some of the headlines from major papers.

Headlines in 2000 in Both Worlds

Gore Criticized for Silence about Massive Deaths in Iraq Due to Sanctions

Bush Leads Gore by Near 20% in January 2000 Gallup Poll

Nader Hammers Gore on Being a Phony on Environment

Nader Calls for Deep Cuts in Military Budget

Gore/Lieberman Ticket Wins National Popular Vote by 500,000

Ralph Nader and Green Party Gets 3,000,000 Votes

13% of Florida Democrats Vote for Bush

Buchanan Wins Big in Many Jewish Neighborhoods. Some Smell a Rat

Gore Loses Own State of Tennessee

Republican Goons in Streets in Florida while Supreme Court Rules

Congress Certifies Electoral College – Gore Does Not Join Challenge Over Florida

George W. Bush Becomes President, Promises “Compassionate Conservatism”


And in the Years That Follow on Alternate Earth

Congress Votes Cockpit Safety Security – Nader’s 30 Year Message Received

Liberals/Conservatives Admit Nader Factor is Here to Stay

Islamic Terrorists Attempt Plane Hijackings – Foiled by New Security

Bush Invades Afghanistan Determined to Smash Bin Laden Gang

With “Shock and Awe” Bush Invades Iraq – Dems Support

Green Party Now a Player – To Field Candidates in 100 Federal Elections

Ralph Nader Elected Governor of CT

John Kerry Fails in Challenge to Bush – Harry Belafonte wins 10% as Green Candidate

Top Scientists Warn Earth on Path for Runaway Climate Change

One Million March against Failing Iraq War

AFL-CIO Dumps Trumka – New Labor Chief Links Jobs and Peace

Tens of Thousands Leave Jobs After Bush’s Threats to Use Troops Against Protesters

Bush Agrees Iraq War a Failure – All Troops to Come Home by mid-2008

Single Payer Health Care Plan Passes in CT – Like Medicare for All, but Better

Price of Homes Hits Record High – Bubble? – Don’t be a Downer

Lehman Brothers Goes Bankrupt – Talk of Great Recession

Obama-Clinton Ticket Wins Presidency in Landslide

Green Party Vote Only 12% Despite AFL-CIO Endorsements & Marches

25 Greens Elected to House, 3 Green Senators Including Ralph Nader

In Close Vote U.S. Aid to Israel Cut in Half

Five Million March and Demand Obama Reign in Casino Capitalism

Terror Bombs in 30 Cities – Linked to Far Right Billionaires

FBI Raids Neo-Nazi Gangs – Hundreds Arrested – Murder Plots Broken

Big Banks and Auto Nationalized – Obama Bows to Public Pressure

Five Thousand Cooperatives Now Employ 200,000 Americans

Jewish Voice for Peace Fills Madison Square Garden

Congress Votes to Condemn Israeli Apartheid – Overcomes Obama Veto

“EcoSocialism Now!” Rises to Top of NYT Non-Fiction Books List

Republican $3 Billion “Fight Green Communism” Campaign Falls Flat

Uprisings in Egypt, Libya, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Syria – Talk of Arab Spring

General Strikes in U.S. and Russia – Their Middle East Interventions Fizzle

Ralph Nader Elected President in 2012 Election – Vows U.S. 100% Carbon Free by 2030

…and on it went from there


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