Time to Put Trumka Out to Pasture

trumka as pekinese

Watch this despicable performance of AFL-CIO head Richard Trumka on Fox Business News.  They entitle it, “AFL-CIO president on Trump speech: One of his finest moments”.  The title is no lie.  Trumka is all praising Trump’s speech to Congress.  Trumka is so proud of it that it links to it on the AFL-CIO site.  He says, “People voted for him [Trump] because they want the rules of the economy rewritten.”  Yeah, workers want no more corporate taxes and a return to Bernie Madoff banking.

Most of the interview was all about world trade and Trumka was happy as a clam with Trump. As the watchword for most of us is “resistance”, Trumka’s is “partnership”. About new treaties, “Will we partner with him, absolutely”.   As Trump issues cruel executive orders excluding Muslims Trumka says, “Will we partner with him to try to rewrite the immigration rules of the country…absolutely.” And for the times Trump grandstanded and told companies not to take jobs out of the country Trumka says,  “If he saved one job by speaking out to that family it’s the most important thing in their lives.”  Makes tears come to the eye.

Remember it’s the speech where Trump announces to Republican cheers his intention to gut Obama’s health care reform.  Yes, it was a crappy reform, but millions who had zero chance of getting any insurance actually got coverage.  We know the Republicans are not going for improvement, but back to the old days, you pay or you die.   And Trumka said the speech was the president’s “finest hour”.

He talks about the “great wall” he’s building and Trumka has nothing to say.  The big cheeto promises to “massively reduce job‑crushing regulations”, meaning labor protections, environmental protections, clean water guarantees and Tumka doesn’t mention it.

Instead Trumka says it’s the president’s “finest hour”.

I remember when Trumka was a militant coal miner leader.  He was in Stamford in the ‘90’s confronting a coal corporation and he was a fire breather, but his $300,000 a year of salary and compensation has changed him.  Now he’s a kitten, a plaything for the billionaires.  Now he’s a bum.

Whenever I type his name my fingers want to add a “p” as in “Trumpka”.  Now I know why.

Is there any old school labor leader out there who will stand up for working people? Or new young militant?  Anyone?

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