Did She Faint Over Obama’s Awful Aleppo Answer?

About 1:30 into Obama’s final press conference an unnamed reporter faints and has to be taken out of the room.  It was just after President Obama answered at length a Bloomberg News reporter’s question over whether he felt “any personal moral responsibility for the carnage” in Syria.woman-faints-obama-syria-answer

I like to feel that the woman fainted after hearing his mealy-mouthed answer.

Obama starts by saying he does feel responsible, but quickly shows that he was just, as they say, “concerned and troubled” about Syria just like South Sudan and everyplace else in the world.  “Was there something better that I could do?”, he piously exclaims.

He says, “The challenge was that short of putting large numbers of U.S. troops on the ground, uninvited without any international law mandate, without sufficient support from Congress at a time when we still had troops in Afghanistan and Iraq and had gone through a decade and just had spent trillions of dollars, and when the opposition on the ground was not cohesive enough to govern a country and when you had a superpower in Russia prepared to do whatever it took to keep its client state involved… unless we were ‘all in’ and willing to take over Syria, we were going to have problems.”

About then the woman faints, as we all should on hearing that answer.

Obama is saying unless the U.S. goes in to conquer Syria there’s nothing that can be done.  Not one word about the million under sieges in Syria.  He doesn’t mention his responsibility to go to the U.N. and demand the U.N. take action to enforce the U.N.’s own 2014 decision on Syria.  Not one word about airdropping food to the areas under siege as the U.S. air force was prepared to do in January.

The Democrats in Congress are meekly following Obama’s lead. I was part of a group that met with Senator Richard Blumenthal’s foreign policy staff a couple weeks ago.  We implored him to work on the bill that had passed the House with severe sanctions on those assisting Assad’s atrocities.  We asked for airdrops of food.  The staff listened and made sympathetic comments.  Yet in Congress nothing at all happened. The bill disappeared with a trace. No one talked about airdrops. Blumenthal himself said nothing.  Tim Kaine (who had run for vice-president and who at one point had gone to a rally with Syrians) said nothing.  As Aleppo fell only Republican warmonger John McCain made an angry statement, but only to take a potshot at Obama.

As the strongmen “white nationalists” take over worldwide we see the complete collapse establishment politics.  Fool Al Gore goes and talks to Trump about the climate.  The next day Trump appoints people to head the EPA who intend to wipe it out.

I had talked about the folly of thinking that “Hindenburg” could protect us against “Hitler” in an article in July.  I didn’t think the truth of it would be shown so quickly.

There’s an Irish poem of 1845 called “Ourselves Alone”.  It ends:

That hour of weak delusion’s past—

The empty dream has flown:

Our hope and strength, we find at last,



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