Demand Things from Obama Now, Too


It’s great that people are out in the streets expressing rage against Trump and vowing solidarity with all the people he intends to persecute, but some of the demands should be right at Obama.  He has power for two months. He can do things by presidential order.  FDR issued over 3,500 Executive Orders, Obama less than 250.  Even Herbert Hoover and William Howard Taft issued more orders.

So President Obama:

*** Free federal political prisoners: Free Leonard Peltier for one.  Call on the Democratic Party governors to do the same for their political prisoners and for all those arrested for marijuana charges (because it’s obvious MJ will be soon be legal everywhere)…and pardon Snowden!

*** Close Guantanomo – Take the prisoners out and shut the gates.  Let Congress figure out what do next.

*** Destroy the Data Bases on Innocent People – Have the NSA erase all the data about people who have not done anything wrong, all the snoopy stuff that Trump will use to jail people

*** Deny Pipeline permits – Start with Standing Rock. Yes, Trump can countermand, but draw the line for all to see.

*** Send some $$$ to communities – You have enormous money available for emergencies.  The Trump Apocalypse is an emergency.

*** And instead of taking a round the world trip on the taxpayers dime let your last foreign policy action be one of mercy. Airdrop food to cities in Syria under siege – Its approaching Warsaw Ghetto conditions in Aleppo.  The United Nations airdrops to one city in Syria.  Let them expand operations to all cities under siege there.  And if the U.N. won’t do it let the U.S. airforce drop the food and medicine.  (And if you’re part of the Left that still things the carnage in Syria is mostly a U.S. plot read my piece from March).

What else?  What can Obama do protect to protect wages and Social Security from the ravages to come?

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