Not One Word from Hillary about Syria Either


July 29. As I predicted Hillary Clinton had nothing to say about Syria in her HISTORIC (by law we have to add that adjective) acceptance speech last night.  Not a single phrase of sympathy for the people suffering under siege or bombardment.  Not a word about refugees and certainly nothing about the United Nations demands on the Assad gang.

There are a number of people who look only at words she and Kaine once said about support for a “no-fly” zone and think she supports the Syrian people.  This is a naïve view of American politics.  Yes, she and Kaine are happy to support military measures everywhere particularly where the Israeli government thinks it will benefit, but she won’t stick her neck out an inch for suffering Syrian people.

Just look at the words in the  Democratic Party platform that HER people put through on Syria (without objection from Sanders people BTW).  These are the exact words: “Syria  The Syrian crisis is heartbreaking and dangerous, and its impact is threatening the region, Europe, and beyond. Donald Trump would inflame the conflict by alienating our allies, inexplicably allowing ISIS to expand in Syria, and potentially starting a wider war. This is a reckless approach. Democrats will instead root out ISIS and other terrorist groups and bring together the moderate Syrian opposition, international community, and our regional allies to reach a negotiated political transition that ends Assad’s rule. Given the immense scale of human suffering in Syria, it is also imperative that we lead the international community in providing greater humanitarian assistance to the civilian victims of war in Syria and Iraq, especially displaced refugees.”  p.42  It is nothing more or less than the current Obama policy.  Nothing in there at all to think that Clinton isn’t trying to work out some deal with Putin.  #DropFoodNotBombs   #ExposeDirtyDeals 

I wrote this on Facebook on July 28:

I didn’t watch the convention but when I look at the prepared text I see that VP nominee Tim Kaine, who many Syrians think is so supportive, didn’t say one word about Syria. Millions were watching him and he didn’t say a thing about the need to break the sieges, the promise to do air drops by June 1, Russian bombing of hospitals and their support for King Barrel Bomb, the need to bring in tens of thousands of refugees into the US. etc.

Am I wrong? Did he add some words about the agony of Syria in his speech? Tonight is Hillary. Will she demand Obama do something to relieve the new siege of liberated Aleppo? Don’t hold your breath.

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