Has the Blue Coup Started? How Can it Be Opposed?

The New York Post has revealed that New York cops are secretly taking a job action to protest being “betrayed” by Mayor deBlasio.  The so-called “betrayal” is the open admission by deBlasio that even he fears for his Black son at the hands of police.  The Post reports says arrests for minor crimes and issuing of parking tickets are down by staggering amounts, in some areas over 90%. 

The Post is brutally right wing and normally not to be trusted, but the New York Times editors believed the figures enough to use them to as the start of an editorial called:”When New York City Police Walk Off the Job”.  The Times says the actions amount “to a public act of extortion by the police.”  It calls for the police commissioner to take action.  Fat chance of that.

Is this the start of a “blue coup”?  Does police union head Pat Lynch now think he runs the 35,000 member NYC armed police force and that it is above all criticism?  In 1992 a police demonstration/riot destroyed then Mayor David Dinkins.  He became a one term mayor and New York suffered through two decades of Republican rule.  The same can happen now, a paralysis called “compromise” leading to popular disgust and another sharp turn to the Right.

Will the unions stand by and let union-haters take over city government again?  Do immigrant rights supporters want the worst days of constant raids again?  As climate protests need to get more frequent and more disruptive do we want to face “law officers” who can use whatever force they want? 

I’ve never been a fan of deBlasio but he has made some positive changes.  “Stop and Frisk” is way down.  See the stunning graphics in this NYT article.The stops are down 90%!  (And violent crime still is going down, by the way).

The #BlackLivesMatter movement is impressive, but it can’t go it alone.  It needs allies.  At this stage it should go to the unions, immigrant rights and climate movement leaders and propose a massive rally on the steps of City Hall.  “No Blue Coup”  “DeBlasio, Don’t Back Down”  “No Return to the Politics of Hate”  “Root Out Police Brutality” 

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