Put Obama on the Spot Over Keystone KXL

I don’t understand why climate activists are not out in the streets over the pipeline.  Yes, the bill that would have given permission to the company to the need for State Department approval of the project failed.  It didn’t get the 60 vote super-majority needed in the Senate.  Yet we know that once the next Congress takes office in January the Republican majority could easily take it over the top.  Perhaps the president wants that so he can he claim that he had nothing to do with approving the pipeline.  More likely he’ll make some deal to go along with the pipeline in exchange for something or other.

All it takes to stop the project (for at least two years) is Obama’s signature, his veto.  Demand he do it now, before the new year.  Why aren’t some of the 400,000 people who marched in NYC in September demonstrating against Obama and every Democrat at every fund raiser and appearance.  Send them a message that we won’t be fooled, that if the climate killing pipeline is approved the world will know the Democratic Party is to blame and we will never let them live it down.

If the pipeline gets approval from the Congress and the White House it’s not the end of the road.  Indian nations and ranchers have vowed resistance.  They should get total support.

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