A World Class Suicidal Strategy

While the politicians and the liberal media pat themselves on the back for a China-U.S. “promise” of carbon reductions that might happen 15 years from now, Democrats are adopting a suicidal strategy on Keystone XL.  Majority Leader Harry Reid, who in the past  blocked attempts to get the Senate on record as supporting the pipeline, now will allow a vote as a way of helping Sen. Mary Landrieu win re-election in Louisiana.  Louisiana is often described as “energy-rich” meaning that a number of people are growing rich in the fossil fuel business and others have jobs that pay decent money.  Louisiana is also the state that saw its major city New Orleans devastated by the type of hurricane that will become more and more common as nature warms up and leaves the best-for-human-climate behind as a memory.

For those who don’t remember two years ago climate expert James Hansen said if we built the pipeline and used the tar sands for oil it was “game over” for the climate.  By “game over” he meant things like disintegration of the ice sheets, and a 50’ rise in sea level.  He predicted, “Twenty to 50 percent of the planet’s species would be driven to extinction. Civilization would be at risk.”

Of course, for a politician of the stature and wisdom of Harry Reid the re-election of a friendly politician today counts more than the destruction of civilization that won’t come about until years in the future.  Yet it is odd that Reid seems to have forgotten that way, way back in history (well, actually just two weeks ago) defending coal mining in Kentucky proved a fools effort for a fellow Democrat.  She was swamped in the election by the Republican who has a proven record of being hysterical about coal mining “jobs”.

The Los Angeles Times says Landrieu bill is expected to pass.

That would throw the bill into the lap of the president who could veto it or not.   Obama is big on expanding pipelines.  It’s only the heavy pressure from activists that have kept him from approving the KXL.    The New York Times quotes one former official who thinks Obama could very well OK the pipeline in a deal.  “I think there is probably a deal to be had on Keystone,” said David Goldwyn, who led the State Department’s Bureau of Energy Resources in Mr. Obama’s first term. “If Republicans attach Keystone to a budget bill, I don’t think he’s so principally opposed to it that he would veto it.”

350.org,  Sierra Club and the rest,  this is time for alarm.  400,000 of us rallied in New York for the climate, but the message has not been heard.  It’s time for a more dramatic action.

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