The White House is Open for Business

Nov.7.   The White House is ready to deal.  That’s my take on Obama’s post election speech.  He didn’t admit that Obamacare was blown opportunity  or that his Middle East wars were failures.  No, the lesson he learned from losing the Senate is that people want government to get things done, period.  So he’s ready to make grand bargains with the Republicans and he’ll give away the store to get them.  He’s concerned  about his legacy, you see

Juan Gonzalez in the Daily News today tells us the Republicans want an immediate amnesty, not for hard working immigrants who risked their lives to come to the work all the crap jobs.   The Republicans want amnesty for the bankers and corporate tycoons who’ve been working their asses off figuring schemes to avoid taxes.  One thing they’ve done is to keep the profits from outsourcing and other such “investments” overseas.  That way they don’t have to pay any which on the books is officially 35%. (the real tax companies pay is less than 18%)

They want an amnesty deal to bring the money back and pay only 5% tax on it.  Then they’ll do such good things with it and the result will be jobs, jobs, jobs.  Not mentioned was that they pulled off this stunt before, in 2004.   As I wrote in an earlier article companies that brought back the most money under the  deal cut jobs, yes, cut jobs.

What Gonzalez didn’t mention is that Obama is perfectly open to the plan.  Obama  said as much in July of 2013 when he was congratulating Walmart for its business practices.   He then was willing to talk about a 5.25% tax on the 2 trillion.  The Republicans are only a quarter of a percent away.  In return for saving companies between $300 and $700 billion what will that crafty Obama get for us, another nickel added to the minimum wage?

Deal or no Deal?

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