Report: “Natural Gas” Not a Bridge

Oct. 16   Today Yahoo News featured a report on so-called “natural gas”, that is methane gas.  Natural gas has been hailed as the “bridge” to a cleaner tomorrow, the fuel that will let the world get off coal and let us burn away until better, cleaner things come along.  However a new study in the magazine “Nature” says,“Computer simulations show that emissions of heat-trapping gases to make electricity would not decline worldwide and could possibly go up.”

Instead of being a bridge ever more widespread use of natural gas will be a barrier.  It will discourage advances in wind and solar and energy efficiency.

Five teams of experts from around the world, using five different sets of computer model prediction models, looked at what would happen if natural gas use massively expanded by 2050.  They all found no halt to output in greenhouse gases.  Two of the five found that gases would even increase!  The reason for that is there seems to be a huge problem of methane leaks either when the gas is fracked or piped or both and methane is an even worse global warming gas than carbon dioxide.

So going from a coal addiction to a meth addiction is no improvement.

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