My Math Says 37 Million Still Without Health Insurance

Obama is crowing about the success of his health care plan saying more people signed up on his health care exchanges than predicted.  The number is over seven million.  Now not all of those who sign up will actually make payments and get insured. Experience shows the number to be 80%.  So figure 5.6 million.

Add to that 2.4 million who have gotten insurance through extended Medicaid in the Obamacare plan (through January) and 2.2 million young adults added to their parents plan and 500,000 who signed up for insurance without using the exchange. (see two week old Fact Check article here for figures in these paragraphs.)

So the total number is 10.7 million, or to be a little generous 11 million more people with health insurance. Bully!

The problem is according to census data in 2012 there were 48 million without health insurance.  That means roughly 37 million are without health insurance.

(and it might be a bit worse.  Six million had their health insurance plans cancelled because the plans didn’t meet Obamacare standards.  It is assumed that most were just moved into more expensive plans or had their old plan extended for another year under a last minute Obama decree, but no one really knows how many of these people may be included in the new sign ups on the exchanges or who are actually without insurance.)

So the net result of all this is that less than 1 out of 4 of the uninsured are now insured and added to to the maze of health insurance forms and claims.  Compare that to what’s done in civilized countries, no forms, no payments, choose your own doctor, every single citizen covered.  It goes by many names “National Health”, “Socialized Medicine”.  It’s not called “Obamacare”.

Job Counselors for the Long Term Unemployed

On another matter the New York Times today had a sad article about a man whose unemployment ran out, who works three part-time jobs to keep afloat and who gets help from a “career coach”.  It notes a recent study that found that only one in ten of the long-term jobless are finding work.  My comment printed on the website is here.

Update April 17.   This article says pollsters have determined that 12 million more people now have coverage.  If so 36 million more to go.

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