Some Thoughts and Several Links on the Ukraine

For sure the U.S. and Russian 1% are each trying to see how much they can steal in the Ukraine.  The U.S. has spent billions to convince the Ukrainians that the European Union is paradise (Ask the Greeks or the Spaniards about the EU heaven).  The Ukrainian fascists are very powerful and were a big part of the shock troops who overthrew the elected president (who along with his family was busy enriching himself).   On the other hand the Putin regime and his billionaire buddies are no friend of the Ukrainians.  Stories about threats to the Russian base and the Crimea or threats to Russian speaking Ukrainian are just excuses for old fashioned Russian great power grasping.

On the other hand let’s not pretend that all that has happened is just a U.S. conspiracy.   Things were awful in the Ukraine.  Years of free market reforms let to permanent depression.  Corruption at the top was legend.  Huge crowds of people put up with freezing temperatures in the Maidan for months demanding change.   True, the change most of them wanted was the EU fantasy, but President Yanukovich was in no position to warn them of this as he had given the population a diet of cut-backs for years on advice of the great sages of capitalism while he lived in luxury.

A message for the U.S. 1%: Why are you looking down your noses at Russia?  Putin is what you wanted, not a reformed democratic Soviet Union, but an empire torn to pieces, replaced by aggressive no holds barred robber baron capitalism.  Putin and his friends are what you drooled for.

What follows are important or interesting articles about the Ukraine with my comments

 Newest articles on top.


Promoting Enduring Peace petition on Ukraine “No U.S. Weapons to Ukraine. Stay Out of the Fighting” (Note Stanley Heller, the writer of this post is Secretary of PEP)

This Democracy Now! debate was disappointing.

Solidarity with Besieged Ukranian Miners and a Discussion of False Anti-Fascism January 20, 2015

Ukrainian Political Left January 5, 2015


There is No “Revolution” in Eastern Ukraine -Kagarlitsky is Wrong – Gabriel Levy June 30, July 5, 2014

Excellent Analysis from Joanne Landy and Thomas Harrison of the CPD  5/20/14

My Objections to Cohen’s NYT Op-ed 5/19/14

 Workers Seize Town on Advice from Boss – New York Times 5/15

Writings of Boris Kargalitsky – from Russia (translated)

You’re Wrong About the Ukraine – It Wasn’t a Coup – Gabriel Levy – Red Pepper

Daily Beast article on the Shooters in the Ukraine

Right Sector and Freedom Party fascists Foreign Policy Magazine  April 1

Seven Cohen in The Nation – “Who is Responsible?”

America’s Dirty Little Ukrainian Secret

Euromaidan Intl. Sociological Association Newsletter March 9

and a link to the Left Ukrainians

Here’s a link to a Russian socialist site (not connected to their old Stalinist CP)  If you use Google Chrome you can easily get a readable translation.

The Enemy is Within – Interview with a Ukranian Leftist

March 10.   The Campaign for Peace and Democracy has a good take on all this, in my opinion

March 8, 2014.  Much has been made by defenders of the deposed president of a claim that an Estonian diplomat heard from a Ukrainian doctor and told EU Foreign Affairs chief Catherine Ashton, that the same sniper shot soldiers and protesters.  The doctor, Olga Bogomolets, denies it.  See tenth paragraph of this story.  She says she only saw and treated protesters.  (How would she see wounded government soldiers, anyway?)


Jeff Mackler in Socialist Action says what happened in the Ukraine was an “U.S. imperialism’s Ukraine coup”.  Sure the U.S. was involved, but usually in a “coup” the military takes over as it did in Egypt.   Mackler calls the Russians “bit players”.  Included in his article is this bizarre sentence, “Today’s Russian billionaires are puny compared to the multi-trillionaire U.S. bankers who looted the U.S. Treasury (the term was “government bailout”) to the tune of some $30 trillion.”  $30 Trillion!? Trillionaire bankers?  What is he talking about?  $16 trillion was lent or given to the banks, much of it re-payed.  Trillionaire” bankers? The world’s richest men own $60 or $70 billion.


The United National Anti-War Coalition statement about the Ukraine put together with an afterthought about Venezuela.  It justifies Russia’s takeover of the Crimea, “To protect its military base there and to protect the people in the Eastern and Southern parts of the country, where the coup is not supported, Russia has moved some troops to the Ukrainian border and into the Crimean peninsula. “  There’s no notion that the uprising was popular (even though it was led by rightists) and that supporters of the elected prime minister were (and are) nowhere to be found.  And defending the populist-socialist government of Venezuela alongside the lousy Ukrainian golden-toilet austerity government of Ukraine is pretty pitiful.


If You Still Think that Putin is Somehow Progressive Read about His Weapons Sale Offer to the Egyptian Dictator


Statement by Russian Socialists Against the War, (second half of this article)  No illusions among them about Putin supposedly having interests of Russians at heart


Nationalists, including 30% Nazis part of the Maidan protest – Max Blumenthal article


Sen. Murphy and McCain on Platform in Ukraine with Svboda Fascist Tyahnybok  (refresh if it asks you to subscribe).


Victoria Nuland bragged that the U.S. spent $5 billion to encourage “democracy” in the Ukraine.


Ukraine: against infantile realpolitik – Richard Seymour.  Views of an independent British Marxist


Feb. 21, 2014.   On the Ground in the Ukraine.  How the fascists beat and barred the Left from the Maidan


Wither Ukraine – Marilyn Vogt-Downey


and a much older story.  The United Nations Human Rights Council talks about Stalin’s Deliberate Starvation of the Ukraine in the 1930’s.  Claims there were ten million victims!













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