I Don’t Want to Alarm You, But 100,000 Bats Fell Out of the Sky

Feb. 25. Just noticed this Jan. 10 article, but it hit 50 degrees in Pilbara  region of Australia on that day. This may not seem to be a big deal to those of us in the northeast U.S. who would kill for a day at 50 degrees Farenheit, but the Australian temperature was in Centigrade. So in our terms it was really 122! That’s very nearly the highest temperature ever recorded in that continent.

Several thousand miles to the east in Queensland bats were dying because of the heat. An estimate is that 100,000 have fell out of the sky to their deaths. “Residents near Athol Terrace lookout in Boonah said they have been agonizing over the smell of dead bats for four days.”

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