Do You Really Think Unemployment Went Down?

The jobless rate went down three tenths of a percent last month. That’s quite a lot if the official “unemployment rate” meant anything. What really happened last month is that lots of people left the labor force. The U.S. population went up 90,000, but the number not in the labor force went up by near 300,000! Even the New York Times Editorial Board realized this saying that “the share of workers employed or looking for work fell to the lowest level since 1978”.

Maybe this will be of some help in getting the long term unemployed their benefits back. 1.3 million lost them last month in the big budget Democratic-Republican compromise. The Times doesn’t seem optimistic. Its editorial ends with despair, a prediction that the as bad as it is the release of the report “will not lead to action anytime soon”.

What could be keeping the people’s government from coming to the aid of the people? Hmm. This item of news is of interest. For the first time in history the majority of members of Congress are millionaires. Which party has the most dough? Hint: It’s not who you think. The Open Secrets site says, “Congressional Democrats had a median net worth of $1.04 million, while congressional Republicans had a median net worth of almost exactly $1 million.”

I rush to the AFL-CIO site to look for guidance from the leadership and the main article is “What are you willing to do to make your job better?”. (Double my pay?) I click on the little “Issues” button and for jobs I’m told the AFL-CIO will work with anyone to restore middle class jobs and that it’s “partnering with such organizations as the Clinton Global Initiative to find innovative ways to create good jobs” Good plan. The man who sent a million jobs overseas via NAFTA is the man who will lead us out of the wilderness.

How about a slightly different approach? What if the unions put ten million people into the streets demanding that the U.S. government take over the banks and spend a trillion dollars creating jobs in industries that will fight global warming.

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