Carbon Capture Only Used in U.S. to Burn More Oil

One the ideas the coal lords came up with to continue using their deadly fuel (deadly because of accidents, particles in air, climate effects of carbon) is to capture the carbon dioxide produced from the burning of the fuel and seal it deep underground.

We’ve talked about the problems with this notion in the past, the massive extra energy needed to capture the CO2, the uncertainty about whether CO2 gas under high pressure would be permanently sealed in the earth and whether the CO2 would create earthquakes. (for a recent article about that click here.)

But the Obama “All of the Above” Administration has plowed ahead with the carbon capture. A new coal plant is opening in DeKalb Mississippi that will capture all of its CO2. What could be more green? However the Associated Press has discovered that the “green vision proved too expensive and complicated”

So the government is letting the power companies sell the carbon dioxide to oil companies which pump it into old oil fields to force more crude to the surface.

Whatever saving is made from carbon capture is wasted when the oil is pumped out and burned! The Associated Press article mentioned a study that “found that for every ton of carbon dioxide injected underground into an oil field, four times more carbon dioxide is released when the oil produced is burned.”

It all turns out to be another welfare benefit to the oil industry, making it cheaper to get the oil out of oil fields that were no longer being used.

It’s pure Obama.

For other examples of Obama’s surrender to the carbon criminals click here for Bill McKibben’s newest piece on Rolling Stone.

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