But the President Said Everyone Could Keep Their Plan

November 1.  The New York Times says millions of people are having their insurance plans dropped.  Supposedly the insurance companies have no choice.  The old plans don’t have the benefits required by the Affordable Care Act..

The Times talks about three cases.  Charles Nance was offered a new policy at double the cost and three times the deductible.  A second person, Dean Wright, will do better, saving $1,200 a year.  The third person can’t use the ACA website to see what she can do.

That’s not what Obama told the people. Again and again he assured everyone that they could keep their old insurance plan if they wanted to.  His people didn’t tell him companies would drop plans?  Give me a break.

Provisions that hurt unionized workers, a website that doesn’t work, millions who lose their insurance.  What a mess!  Instead of calling it Obamacare call it Obamacare-less.

As I write this I’m listening this to Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!   She says that Congress got notes about the Health Care website operation that showed that on its first day 4.7 million people went to the site, but after one day only 248 had enrolled.

There is a cure for all this, of course, single payer.

Nov. 2.  The NYT printed this graphic which shows why this is a problem for millions of Americans.

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