Mt. Koch – A Mountain of Coke

May 18.  Check out the picture in the New York Times, Mt. Koch, a new Detroit landmark.  No, there was no volcano in Motown.  It’s the billionaire Koch brothers dump.  They decided to park a growing pile of petroleum coke right alongside the Detroit River.  In the photo it looks to be twice the height of a train car and hundreds of feet long and it’s growing.  It was started last November.

It’s made up of jet black waste from Canadian tar sands.  The U.S. no longer allows the stuff to be burned in the U.S., but the Koch family sends it to Mexico or China were its used for fuel.  The governments there aren’t that particular about air quality (witness Beijing).

The petroleum coke waste comes from tar sands of Alberta Canada, the same gunk that the carbon criminals want to send down the Keystone XL pipeline.  The refine the bitumen and the coke waste is left.  Coke is actually used in steel making, but there’s too much sulphur in petroleum coke so it can’t be used.

Detroit can’t do much about it.  The Michigan governor overthrew local government and appointed a bankruptcy lawyer to be in charge.

After you read the article on the NYT site read the comments.  Some are quite excellent.

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