Obama Seeing if Crumbs Will Satisfy Climate Activists

May 8.  The New York Times John Broder reports that the Obama Administration is seeing if it can have its cake and eat it too.  It wants to approve the Keystone XL (Climate Killing) pipeline, but keep climate caring people happy with some other climate measure.  What’s being talked about is a major regulation on existing coal plants  (even though the reg on new plants hasn’t been approved) or some “renewable energy” incentives.

One hopes leading climate activists won’t fall for this hooey.  We desperately need these regs and incentives on top of stopping Keystone XL.  Recall the pipeline has been described as the “largest carbon bomb” on the planet, a world whose energy companies already own 5 times more fossil fuel than is safe to use.

Again I advise that activists prepare now for very large, very angry demonstrations to break with the Democrats once and for all.

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